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Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE]

Knowing The Creator And The Creation He Created Us To Be

The 7-10 day Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE] is designed for anyone who is seeking personal freedom to live in new dimensions of knowing the creation that you are and The Creator who created you. The week is set apart for you.  There is a Creator and you are created. Wouldn’t it be wisdom to learn from The Creator within His Written Word, how to know the creation that you are!

Why do we spend time in The Wilderness?  The Hebrew word that we translate wilderness is the word midbar. It is a word that means pasture land. It looks to be barren land and an untrained eye would call it a desert. But for centuries this was and still is the pasture land for sheep and goats and camels.

The word midbar is also involved in a Biblical word play. In Hebrew it has the same consonants as the Hebrew word that we translate “he speaks”, midaber. It looks like it is the same word but it is not. When we put both words together, we can say this: When God took the Israelites out of Egypt, He led them into the midbar so that He could be their Shepherd but also so that He could teach them how to hear His Voice.

Days set apart for you to be in His Word walking among the hills of this very same wilderness. Come to learn to hear His Voice in knowing who you are as the creation He created you to be. Take time to come to The Wilderness where God is our teacher.

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In the stillness of the Midbar,
we are given ears to hear and eyes to see.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
Mark 4:9