About Us

We are so happy that you have joined us on our website. Torah Resources International is an organization comprised of individuals who are seriously committed to knowing Yeshua as the Living Word and Messiah by studying the entire Torah, from Genesis through Revelation.
We are a group of teachers and authors who seek to promote the Biblically Hebraic concepts of the Torah with the hope that people will gain a greater depth of understanding of Yeshua, as well as how we were created to live.

We have learned from our studies that we were intended to live in community and that the Torah is its instructional guide. The Torah is also a documented history of God’s purpose and continuing Covenant with the Jewish people and those who God has grafted-in.

The Torah Community, as we see it, is a group of people who, as new creations in Messiah, Covenant to live lives that reflect the principles of the Torah with grace and honesty. We are committed to uphold, support, encourage, and instruct each other in love and grace to realize all the Lord has intended for us. The Torah is that which determines our faith, practice, and identity. It enables and empowers us to have hearts out of which flow rivers of living water.

We believe the Torah community is to be a place of study, worship, and relationship. The collective focus is on searching the Scriptures of Israel, especially in their original languages, and endeavoring to apply the instruction of God’s Word to our individual and corporate lives. Thus, the Torah Community is a creative environment for learning and living. We are all living stones being built into a Holy House, a dwelling place of God. It is a place in which young ones and those of each stage of life will learn as God Himself has designed us to learn.

TRI is an organization of individuals whose lives are characterized by proven integrity in study and in life. We seek to assist the international Body of Messiah by sharing our ongoing discoveries of how God has designed the Torah community and given us Torah pictures to illustrate how He wants us to live and walk with each other in the grace and truth of God in Yeshua.

We invite you to participate in this challenging and exciting learning process with us that you too might catch a glimpse of the truth that the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, are truly darche noam, ways of pleasantness for all who take hold of them.

One of our aims is to be a helpful resource to any serious Bible student. Our writers and teachers have been preparing materials to help you in your course of study.

We hope that you will find this site informative, and a source of blessing for your lives. Please feel free to contact us. In order to do so, click here or the Contact Us button.