Israel Study Expedition Sample Itinerary

Sunday | Day 1:
Arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport
Collection and drive to Arad WISE Guest House
Evening floating in the Salt Sea (Dead Sea)

Monday | Day 2:
Morning grocery shopping (self-catering)
Day in Ein Bokek
Enjoy the pools of this hidden desert oasis
Packed lunch
Evening in the Salt Sea
Study Scripture

Tuesday | Day 3:
Private time in the Wilderness for Sunset
Study Scripture

Wednesday | Day 4:
Teaching and hiking in Sde Boker National Park
Packed Lunch
Teaching and hiking in Ein Avdat Wilderness Spring
Dinner Out

Thursday | Day 5:
Day of teaching and hiking in Ein Gedi National Park
Packed Lunch
Study Scripture

Friday | Day 6:

Preparation for Shabbat Morning grocery shopping
Visit the Fountain of Tears Holocaust Memorial
Packed Lunch
Personal time alone in the Wilderness
Kabbalat Shabbat, Dinner, and Teaching

Shabbat | Day 7:

The Gift Of Shabbat A morning exploring together the treasures of understanding the gift of Shabbat
Packed lunch
Quiet afternoon at the Mediterranean beach in Ashkelon

Sunday | Day 8:
Tel Arad
Packed lunch
Tel Beer Sheva

Monday | Day 9:
Up to Jerusalem  City of the Great King
David’s City & Hezekiah’s Tunnel
Packed lunch
2nd Temple Archaeological Park
Sunset and panoramic view of Jerusalem over the Mount of Olives
Dinner Out

Tuesday | Day 10:
Free day in Jerusalem in old and new cities for personal time and shopping.

Sherut taxi to the airport, or your own personal travels throughout the rest of the beautiful Land of Israel.

Some other possibilities:
Day with Desert Guide  Living in the Wilderness
Lunch with Bedouins to learn of their culture
Walk among the ancient sites of the Nabatian Empire

Prices will be dependent upon the number in the group and the length of stay.

If you’re interested in this type of program, we are encouraging people to get
a group together of a minimum of 10 people and then contact us at: