Guided Torah Studies

Yo’el, D’vorah, and I and have done a lot of teaching in many places over the years. Mainly, we have taught in the USA, UK, Ireland, several European nations, and east Asia. Rather than letting these studies collect dust, we have decided to make them available to all. We decided to organize these studies into a file called “Guided Torah Studies.” These studies are not formally written treatises. Rather, they are essentially our teaching outlines. That means that sometimes they are short, succinct statements to longer paragraphs explaining some more difficult concepts. Yet, they come in the form of teaching outlines. A common denominator to all of these studies is that they are thoroughly biblically based. They are either topical Bible studies or short expositions of certain passages and even books.

The first of these Guided Torah Studies is entitled Feeding the Sheep. This was originally designed for leaders of fellowships or groups to help them to learn how to take care of the “sheep” under their care. This study is applicable for the leaders of large congregations to small house groups. It is mainly designed to help to protect the “sheep” in those settings from being spiritually abused by their teachers and leaders resulting from poor training and misinformation.

We decided to place this first in the series because it provides a good solid foundation for the importance of studying the Bible. Knowing the biblical truths is “profitable” for every aspect of our lives as we endeavor to walk forth into all the Creator created us to be. Enjoy the journey!

Feeding the Sheep