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Take Hold: Embracing Our Divine Inheritance with Israel

Take Hold is an expanded exposition of Zechariah 8:23, a prophetic passage which describes a time when believers in Yeshua from the nations of the world will find expression to their divine connection with the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. This book describes in rather great detail the relationship between Israel and believers in Yeshua.

Open My Eyes — Gal Enai

Open My Eyes is a practical how-to book which helps believers in Yeshua learn how to study and teach the Bible in a simple way, thereby encouraging all believers to practice sound biblical study methods, interpretive methods, and teaching methods. One of the great features of this book is the book list of essential Bible study research books to help believers develop a good working Bible research library….

Bereshit — Genesis: The Foundations of Covenant (The Briteinu Torah Commentary)

Bereshit: The Foundations of Covenant is volume 1 of the Briteinu Torah Commentary. This is a commentary on the traditional weekly Torah portions as seen through the eyes of a believer in Yeshua of Nazareth…

The Twelve Overlooked Prophets

THE TWELVE OVERLOOKED PROPHETS is a survey of the shorter biblical prophetic books from Hosea to Malachi. It is compiled in an outline format for easier reference for the Bible student…

Studies in the Book of Joshua 

Studies in the Book of Joshua describes God’s covenants in action among the ancient Israelites.

God relates to His people within a covenant relationship. It is brought up repeatedly throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It is in understanding the nature of the covenant He has made with His people, that we then understand the nature of His relationship with His people.

In this personal study booklet, Studying Joshua, we are afforded an opportunity to see God’s covenants in action among the ancient Israelites. We will study how Israel was granted the right to claim the Promised Land, because it was the Land promised to them by the Holy One through a covenant promise. We will catch a glimpse of how Israel experienced the joy of living in their promised inheritance. All of this involves the interaction between the two major covenants that the Holy One made with His chosen ones, the Covenant of Abraham and the Covenant of Torah.

Travel with us as we accompany Joshua and the Israelites in their conquest of this Land of their covenantal inheritance and we will see first hand how these two important and sacred covenants determine the life of God’s people in the Land, as we see the covenants in action.

A Week in the Life of the Lamb   

This booklet presents a fictional character, Ya’akov, as he journeyed through this historically exceptional Passover week as any Jewish pilgrim from Galilee might. The Spirit of God opens Ya’akov’s eyes to the significance of the Lamb of God as He does and has done for countless others. For Ya’akov, the atoning death of the Messiah was confirmed by His victorious resurrection.

Reading and sharing the perspective given in this account will open many people’s eyes to the necessity of understanding the historical and Hebraic backgrounds of Yeshua and his followers during His ministry here on earth.

Hanukkah in the Home of the Redeemed

This 100 page book explores the relationship between Hanukkah and the challenges of assimilation, a topic relevant to both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua. 

Features include:

  • A historical summary of the events of the first Hanukkah
  • A practical guide for celebrating Hanukkah
  • An insightful 8-day study guide for individuals, families, or groups
    Music, games, recipes

Torah Rediscovered

Torah Rediscovered lovingly challenges readers, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to take an honest new look at the true nature of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah). Torah Rediscovered reveals the beauty and depth of God’s divine covenantal revelation. [Newly revised 2013]